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NORA.startup webinar #21: AI and Pedagogics
Curious to learn more about the state of AI in pedagogics?

How much do we know about the use of AI and pedagogics, the opportunities and challenges faced? We have invited three specialists, from academia and one startup, to introduce how they are currently using artificial intelligence and machine learning in early childhood learning, such as in detecting reading difficulties, and how new technology can be used as helpful tools for both teachers and students to create good learning experiences.

We will dive into the complex field of AI and pedagogy to see if we can answer a few of the below questions:

How can and MUST AI and pedagogy play together to create better learning conditions for students and schools in the future?
What cases exist within AI-driven pedagogy today - and what are the recognizable opportunities today, and potential value for the future?
What open data sets exist within AI & pedagogy, and how can we promote awareness and transparency about data in pedagogy in the future?

Oct 1, 2021 02:00 PM in Oslo

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